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Stars in our eyes!

For the past few weeks we've had the pleasure of working with Starfish Health And Wellbeing, who are doing amazing work in our area supporting isolated individuals with their mental health. They are stars, in our eyes.
Starfish had a junk room filled with surplus equipment and we offered to refur…

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Please update your records!

We've had some issues with our free email provider, and we have had to change our primary email for a better service. Please update your records where necessary, to

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Our first computer corner!

We've delivered our very first "Computer Corner", the result of our aim to place a free internet ready laptop or PC in every community centre and social hub we can lay our hands on, to tackle digital deprivation in society.
We've installed a desktop PC, along with a network printer, two laptops, …

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Helping to help others!

Through our friends at Hearts & Hands, we'd been made aware of a local family in crisis, who were struggling to access internet and schooling on a shared device which had well passed its prime.
When H&H explained the family's story, we just had to step in.
Today we've delivered a complete fami…

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A great article!

A local reporter got in touch and offered to write up an article, here is is :)



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Mission continues!

Our news feed hasn't been too active the last few days, but it's been all go for us behind the scenes, and we bring you a couple of updates...
We're in the closing stages of our joint venture with a local mental wellbeing charity. In between refurbishing donations from the public, we've bee…

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Creating alliances!

Today we helped Childhood Cancer Parents' Alliance in Stafford.

We've gifted a laptop donated by one of you lovely people and refurbished by freeIT tech guys, so that they can progress a fund raiser project which relies on a specific software to scan the barcodes of second hand books :)

We've …

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Taking action!

Today we've been pleased to help out Flood Action with a free jazzy laptop for their volunteer team to use in their duties.

This means that funds which would have been spent on I.T. provisions can now be better used elsewhere in their mission.

We did it!

With the help of your very generous donations, freeIT can now boast 100 refurbished internet ready devices placed in 10 primary schools in our area.

Plus, we've gifted our first community laptop to Hearts and Hands Stafford!

Thank you all so much, this is just the beginning for freeIT!

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Are you missing something?

We've gained quite a collection of CD's and DVD's that have been left in the drives of your donated laptops.

If you are concerned that you are missing one, and had considered it gone for good, drop us a line as we may still have it.

We lent a helping hand!

We've been super chuffed today to be able to help out Hearts and Hands, who are doing amazing work in our community.

One of your very kind donations, a Sony laptop, has been refurbished and gifted to H&H to assist with their administration and publicity work.

It's been very warmly welcomed, an…

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We helped again!

Today we placed 6 more refurbished laptops in the care of Tillington Manor Primary, this takes our total now to 80 internet ready devices across 9 schools which have been donated by you lovely people and saved from a life in a drawer or landfill. 

Happy Mondays!

We've today delivered a further 6 devices to a school in the ST18 area.

This takes us up to 74 devices placed by freeIT across 8 local primary schools, with the help of your kind donations.

We have delivered so far:

-58 laptops/macbooks

-9 tablet/ipad

-7 desktop/all-in-one

Not just…

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