Blog posts August 2021

A huge step!

There is much much excitement at Free IT headquarters today !!
Not only have we just delivered our 250th device, we've also today been informed that after jumping through several hoops, producing in-depth projections out of thin air, and after an excruciating wait, we have FINALLY been accepted f…

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Our products on parade!

We've installed an Intel i5 tower system at the 12th Mohawk scout group in Berkswich. Donated by one of you lovely people and fitted with some new parts to bring it up to date, it now takes pride of place in their group hut!

Double duties!

We popped in to Staffordshire Baby Bank today, to drop off an all-in-one desktop PC, which was donated by one of you lovely people, fixed up for free by our team of tech guys, and which will now start its new life propelling their team along with their administration work. We've also dropped a snazz…

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Homing in on the digital divide!

It's been great to meet again with the employment coach team from Wolverhampton Homes. We've been able to offer some more equipment to get their isolated tenants online! We met with Pippa from the team, who said "Thanks again guys both laptops are going to Wolverhampton Homes tenants and they'll be …

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