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We have PATential!

Don't forget we are at Stafford Repair Cafés event this Saturday 15th, at Wildwood community centre.
We're offering free Portable Appliance Testing for the gadgets you've had repaired, or anything else you'd like us to check over for your own peace of mind.
We'll provide the PAT meter, the qu…

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Banking on your support!

In talking to potential sponsors, it's been pointed out that although we promote our PayPal link relentlessly, it's more aimed at one-off payments from other PayPal accounts or one-time-purchase through cards, and is not really an accessible option to some businesses. That could be resulting in us…

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Waste not want not!

During the course of our work, inevitably we'll find there is equipment that's just too far gone. Up until now we've been dismantling those and cashing in our scrap metals, but we've recently discovered a less time consuming solution, which also will allow us to give a little back to other charities…

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