equipment donation points

Elevate Community Centre, Auden Way, Highfields, Stafford ST179TX - 10am to 2pm Tuesdays (opposite West Way shops)


Community Recycling Hub, Rear Offices, Castlefields, Stafford ST161BQ - 9am to 4pm Mon to Sat (next to the old shoe shed)



If you like what we are doing, please consider donating to our secure crowdfunders to help us buy repair parts and consumables, and help with our running costs

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Direct Contact

Woodland Lodge 20, Dunston Business Village, Staffordshire ST189AB (correspondence only, no equipment donations)

01785 531199

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Frequently asked questions

"What are you looking for?"
Preferably laptops and tablet PC's, but we will accept desktop systems and peripherals too.
"I do have something, but it's ancient/has been dropped/driven over/eaten by dog/similar door-wedge scenario"
Try us anyway, even if your device can not be repaired it still may provide a treasure trove of usable parts to repair less damaged devices. In addition, precious metals can be salvaged from scrap devices, then cashed in to buy more expensive/elusive parts needed, replacement screens and batteries and the like. This gives us a chance to make some use of what otherwise would have ended up in the tip.
"Can I keep my photos and sort through them on neverday?"
You can retain your hard drive, but it would be a huge help if you could carry out your own backup in advance so that we can re-use the drive.
"Will all my banking stuff be deleted?"
As above, you are welcome to retain your hard drive, but by default an industry standard wipe will be carried out on your old devices, rendering them unreadable. Please back up your stuff before donating, because once it's gone, it's really gone. We use tools such as DBAN, Killdisk and HDShredder.
"How do I erase all my stuff before I donate?"
As long as your device is not locked to an account such as iCloud or Google, it can be erased on your behalf on receipt. For Windows machines, you can carry out a “reset all” through the backup and recovery settings menu should you wish, however our wiping tool runs as soon as the device is powered and irreversibly over-writes everything.
"Where will my device end up?"
We supply refurbished items to charities, community groups, non-profit organisations, community hubs, schools, and a myriad of other good causes in the community, where computer equipment would usually be out of their financial reach.