Another huge milestone is reached!
Today we handed over two more of your unwanted PC's which takes our total to 600 refurbished devices given back to the community where they are needed most, for free 🙂
We've rehomed:
- 303 laptops, netbooks, macbooks
- 209 desktop PCs, iMacs, all-in-ones
- 88 tablets, iPads
Thank you to our sponsors for keeping our cogs turning, and to you lovely people for donating your redundant equipment and sharing our good news!

Testing times!

We'll be at Repair Cafe on Saturday 5th November from 10am to 1pm with our PAT test kit.
Feel free to drop in with your small electricals for a free test!
Holmcroft Community Centre, Newland Avenue ST161NL

Our new home!

You may have noticed that we've changed address 🙂
All of us here at Free I.T. would like to endlessly thank Justine and Nigel and everyone at the Rehome Repurpose project, not only for offering us donation storage space and financial support, but also for now allowing us to use their premises as a mailing address, thus saving us £180 a year that we were spending on our "virtual office" at Dunston.
We've now confirmed our relocation with Google Maps so you'll be able to find our donation point easily (and leave us a Google review) by simply Googling us 🙂
Please visit the Rehome Repurpose project here:

A speedy result!

** Thank you all! **
Replacing old technology with new allows us to completely transform your aged gadgets, and one of the ways we do that is by replacing old fashioned mechanical hard disks with the latest microchip controlled SSD drives. Doing this can turn the oldest most sluggish laptop into a perfectly usable one with an insane difference in drive response and load times. It's a straight swap and a ten minute job, but those upgrades cost money, roughly £10 for each SSD drive we purchase.
Well, we have news 🙂
As a result of your PayPal contributions and our lovely regular sponsors, we're now able to replace the old hard drives for an SSD in EVERY SINGLE laptop that we rehome!
We'd love to extend this to desktop systems too, but we can't do that without your help.
If you'd like to sponsor an SSD feel free to send your £10 bungs to

Zero to landfill!

Although we have no formal independent certification, as this would involve huge costs, we run our project with a "zero to landfill" policy.
We always try to repair and rehome as much as we can, but inevitably there will be items which we can only use for parts and the remainder has to go somewhere.
Our equipment waste is sorted by material, for example hard plastics, rubbers, mixed metals, aluminium, copper, dead batteries, etc.
Some of those we're able to cash in, which allows us to add funds to the project, and the rest is disposed in to the correct sections at the recycling site by our volunteers.
We're registered with the Environment Agency as a charitable lower tier waste carrier, broker and dealer

The more the merrier!

We're chuffed to welcome on board our newest sponsor, Cowshed Works web design!
As a corporate sponsor we'll splash your advert on our social media and install it on the background of every PC and laptop we rehome, and in addition we'll send you regular spreadsheets so you can visualise how your pledge is being used and where your advert is being seen!

Towards the next milestone!

In the last month we've serviced and rehomed another 24 of your unwanted PC's, laptops, tablets, and Apple devices, taking our total so far to 524 :)


In under 18 months we have now serviced and rehomed 500 of your unwanted PC's, laptops, and tablets!
Our delivery yesterday of a laptop to a housebound client of Cerebral Palsy Mid Staffs (CPMS) saw us smash this impressive milestone!
Thank you to everyone who's donated equipment and funds to help us along our way, to our tech volunteers and trustees for keeping the wheels turning, and finally to all of you lovely people for sharing our stories online and giving us such a huge exposure and reach!
We've created some vital community links and we'll continue to help even more great causes in our battle against e-waste and digital poverty 🙂

Nearing another milestone!

Since January 2021 we've refurbished and rehomed 494 of your...
- Laptops, netbooks and macbooks (263)
- Android tablets and iPads (70)
- iMacs, desktop PC's and all-in-one PC's (161)
For free!

A 'bug' in our system!

Huge thanks again to Midland VW, Volkswagen specialist in Cannock, who not only sponsored one of our biggest projects in our early days, but who have also now pledged to donate all of their unwanted I.T. equipment!

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