A new hope!

A pleasure to meet the team at Elim Hope Church today, to deliver and set up 10 desktop systems for use in their offices and community rooms.
These are all items donated by you lovely people and fixed up by our tech guys for free. Now they can start their new lives where they are desperately needed 🙂

Wrapping up for the year!

Thanks all for your patience over the last week while we dealt with some hurdles, we're back to normality now.
We've a couple more visits to make this week but we are slowly 'wrapping up' for the year.
We thought you might like to know that between 16th January, and today, and with your kind help, we've been able to reallocate 320 internet ready devices back into the community where they are desperately needed, for free 🙂
Here's to another successful year in 2022!

Keeping you in the loop!

Not every interaction we have is caught on camera or added to this blog, whether that's because of safeguarding concerns, or camera shyness, or the fact that we plain forget.
However we can tell you that in the last few weeks we have provided free equipment to several more deprived families, through referrals made by our new found friends at:
-Wolverhampton City Council (Adult education)
-Staffordshire County Council (Family support)
-Newcastle & Stafford College group (Student services)
-Spring Housing (Homelessness mentors)
-Making Space (Supported care)
-Sickle Cell Family Support Wolverhampton
We thank you all again for your continued donations of equipment and financial help towards our running costs and spare parts :)

Onward bound!

Our updates may have been slacking just lately, but we are definitely hard at it behind the scenes :)
We're still working on our big project with Holmcroft YCC, to give them all the connectivity and I.T. resources they could ever need, and additionally we're refurbishing their digital CCTV system (because we do that too!). One day every week our guys are on site working for free progressing the project and dealing with any spurious repairs brought in by the public.
We're spending some time revisiting one of our very first recipients too, to help them rebuild and resecure after they'd suffered some damage to the equipment we'd provided.
We're also busy working on another 6 desktop machines which we'll be allocating really soon, and we've got another 4 fixed up laptops heading off to their new homes, where they are desperately needed, this week, which will bring our total allocations to 314 complete refurbished devices in less than a year :)
If you like what we're doing please prevent us from resting by supplying us with a shot of caffeine at where you also now have the option to subscribe and automatically buy us a brew every month :)

You helped us to help more families!

Pleasure meeting the lovely team at Snap Cannock today, to drop in some goodies to allow them to offer extra online services to their kids and parents 🙂

Leave us a review!

After a bit of a faff, being "reviewed by Google" SEVERAL times, and having to do things the old fashioned way by sending letters, we finally secured our own Google business page. We'll now have a dedicated panel pop up on a Google search, and appear on Google maps.
More to the point, it means you can now leave us a Google review so we can start building our star rating.
Look us up 🙂

Another huge milestone!

We smashed another milestone 🙂 🙂
We totted up all the devices we've refurbished and rehomed this week, and completely blew away our end of year target. We'll have to rethink that, but can we, can we really make it 365 by the end of the year, one for every single day?
It's your kind donations of unwanted equipment, and cash bungs to help us with repair parts and running costs, that allow us to make this happen, so many people are benefitting from your generosity and we're honoured to be a part of it 🙂
If you like what we're doing please prevent us from ever resting by buying us a shot of caffeine at

Another good turn!

A massive thank you to the lovely staff and I.T. people at Berkswich C of E Primary School, for your large donation of surplus PC's and monitors from your computer suite!
They have all been blessed with the touch of our tech wizards, wiped clean of all the old documents, given a good internal dusting out and some fresh parts, and now they will be good to go for another few years. We've already rehomed 8 systems to Life Church Stafford and 2 more to Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service where they can serve a new purpose helping deprived families get online, instead of becoming e-waste!
Today's deliveries to these two great causes mark our 290th refurbishment 🙂

Help us help others!

Will you help us buy some parts?
We've a few laptops needing replacement keyboards and batteries, and not very much cash left. With a rough average cost of each of those items being £20, if we can ask 10 of you to donate just £2 each we'll provide the repair skills for free and place another device into the hands of somebody who desperately needs it 🙂
Thank you all 🙂

Tidying up loose ends!

We finally remembered to set up the camera!
It's thanks to your kind donations of equipment and cash that we've now been able to install all of the network points and wi-fi coverage that Holmcroft YCC could ever need.
You paid for all of the cable and connection points, and you've provided the extra PC's which we can now plug into this new rugged infrastructure.
We do all this for free with your help, and this will now benefit countless families and community groups.
Free IT tech guys Neil and Jack spent another long day on site to complete the installation, complementing the wiring we'd already completed (but neglected to film).
If you like what we're doing please prevent us from ever resting by sending us a shot of caffeine from or make a donation of your choice at
And we promise the filming will get better 🙂

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