About freeIT

FreeIT Stafford is a non-profit, unincorporated community organisation made up of a network of local IT repair professionals working voluntarily in our spare time tackling e-waste and digital poverty.
We provide free computer equipment to schools, charities, community groups, the voluntary sector, and other neglected corners of society and good causes, who are spending money on their IT provisions that could be better used elsewhere in their missions, or where that money simply doesn't exist in the first place.
We achieve this by accepting your donations of used / abused / unwanted PC’s, laptops and tablets which will be repaired wherever possible, then securely wiped, modernised, and redistributed for free to those who need them, instead of those devices ending up in landfill or forgotten in a cupboard.
We also offer a "rinse and return" service to local organisations who have their own equipment which is in need of refurbishment to benefit their clients.