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More equipment out in the wild!

It's been a pleasure this morning to gift a snazzy laptop to Wildwood Community Centre, to aid with their administrative duties.
Thank you again to everyone who's donated equipment to allow us to help so many good causes!

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Two new stars are born!

We've had some lovely news from Starfish Health & Wellbeing, who we've gifted a pile of equipment to help their isolated clients get online to access remote counselling and support sessions. Starfish have let us know about two of their clients, Lee and Beatrice, who are now able to bridge the digita…

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Blossoming relationships!

We've teamed up with Sunflower Family Support Group at Faraday Road childrens' centre, providing the team there with kit to allow them to offer some new services in the coming few months!

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A Sparkle In Our Eyes!

We've really enjoyed helping out Spark Childrens' Centre in Burntwood today, supplying and installing 2 desktop PC's, 3 laptops, and 3 Android tablet PC's for use in their clubs and activities, these will be enjoyed by both parents and children :)

We're Still Here!

Even when our news feed isn't very active, you can bet we are all busy bunnies behind the scenes. Quite often our recipients ask us not to publicise their details, which is perfectly fine, but we can still add those to our list of totals to update you all.
Today we visited a primary school …

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Homing in on those in need!

We've joined forces with the employment coach team from Wolverhampton Homes, to gift a laptop which they can pass on to one of their isolated clients who desperately needs it.
This was donated by one of you lovely people, fixed up by our team of tech guys for free, and now it will start its new l…

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