Blog posts January 2022

Changes ahead!

We're in the process of transferring our email provider, and removing our reliance on Virgin Media. It's a free service to us, granted, but only borrowed as part of a consumer package paid for by a private sponsor, which we can't rely on forever.
For now, emai…

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We value your feedback!

After a real rigmarole trying to get verified, we've finally got ourselves a Trustpilot page!
If you've seen real world results through the help we've given, or simply want to give us a motivational nudge, please hop over and leave us a review 🙂

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Calling all businesses!

A huge thanks to the team at EU Automation of Beaconside, your donation of equipment has now gone through our comprehensive refurbishment process and already we've gifted 12 of those units to Priory Park Community School to furnish their new computer suite 🙂
If you are a local business upgrading y…

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A new hope!

A pleasure to meet the team at Elim Hope Church today, to deliver and set up 10 desktop systems for use in their offices and community rooms.
These are all items donated by you lovely people and fixed up by our tech guys for free. Now they can start their new lives where they are desperately need…

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