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Huge thanks in order!

All of us here at freeIT would like to pass our warmest thanks to The Barbers Shop Stafford for their incredible financial contribution to our running costs, this will make a huge difference and allow us to help several more families which we'd have struggled to do so otherwise.
We are very grate…

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Latest news!

Today we've installed another 4 desktop PC's at The Den101 in Rugeley.
These have joined the other 7 that we've already placed in their internet cafe / homework space.
Thanks again to Midland VW for sponsoring our parts costs for this installation, and to you lovely people for donating these u…

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We're expanding!

We are receiving requests for help, and offers of donated kit, from as far as London (and that's not an exaggeration!).
We obviously can't honour that, but we do want to try and expand a little into the surrounding towns, as we are receiving several offers of equipment from just outside Stafford.

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An update!

We've delivered a further 4 devices to a primary school today, so for an update, freeIT can now boast 104 refurbished internet ready devices placed in 10 primary schools in our area to help home schooling families during self-isolation (or to gift to families permanently, or use in school), since we…

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Taking action again!

We pledged to step up wherever we can help, and today we've again met that promise.
We've teamed up with Flood Action, who are supporting families who have lost everything after a disaster.
We've agreed to help them provide those needy families with the I.T. tools they need to start rebuilding…

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Double whammy!

A double whammy achievement today, Craig and Neil have been out and about delivering a stack more equipment.
First, to , to drop off items to help out two more families in desperate need.
Then, off to to install four more internet cafe PC's (including refurb numb…

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150 in 3 months!

Yesterday our project turned 3 months old, and we are super happy to announce that we have completed refurbishment number 150!
It won't be delivered until tomorrow, but we're still calling that a massive WIN.

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A box of goodies!

We've been working very closely with Hearts & Hands recently, and with your donations to us, and in turn, our donations to them, we've been able to help out several families who were craving even basic internet access.
We've delivered a box of internet ready goodies to H&H headquarters today whic…

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Creating space!

We've fitted our 3rd desktop PC at The Den 101 today, to help create a quiet homework space and internet cafe in their soon-to-open youth hub. Massive thanks to Midland VW for sponsoring the parts costs for these machines, and to you lovely people for donating your unwanted kit!

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A sponsor!

We're pleased to be working with , who have agreed to sponsor the costs to refurbish every single one of the desktop PC's headed to in Rugeley!
We'll add their logo to every one of those desktops to show our thanks!

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A pleasure again!

Hearts and Hands have been a huge help to us in the last few weeks, enabling us to reach some really needy families through their own client base.
We're hearing some harrowing stories, and wherever we are needed, we vow to step up. We want to help everyone and we are determined to tackle digital …

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Add your ad!

**Local businesses**
How would you like to have your name or logo added to the desktop of our refurbished machines?
These are headed out to various community venues and homes, and our rates per device are very reasonable. Choose from text only or add your own logo.
Drop us a line if you are inter…

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