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It's not useless!

Do you have an old iPad that won't update any more, and will no longer run your favourite apps?
Don't take it to the tip, drop it in to us!
Some schools have the ability to re-use them, to install their own educational software, which is compatible with even the older versions of iOS and bypas…

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No horsing around!

Massive respects to Vicki and the team at Online For Equine in Hixon, for thinking of us before they headed to the tip...
They've donated a huge stack of their redundant equipment which we'll now put through our secure erase procedure to ensure all of their remaining business data is destroyed, t…

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A pause for Easter!

Please note our donation point at Highfields is temporarily closed and will re-open Thurs 21st April

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Blankety blank!

* Secure erasing *
A common question we're asked is if, and how, we'll make sure any existing data is erased from your donation. And yes, we do, so please make sure you've taken a back up of your important stuff before you donate, because once it's gone, it's really gone!
As for the how, wel…

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New sponsors!

We've added some new corporate sponsors to our paid advertising initiative, we'll use their contributions to help us pay for some of the costs we simply can't avoid in the course of our project. To find out how your business can get involved, click on our 'sponsors' page

Doc's Mobile Clinic


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Buy us a battery!

Thanks again to our PayPal supporters and sponsors, you've all been so generous and your contributions have allowed us to buy a stack of parts to restore some very broken laptops back to their former glory.
Now we can get those out into the community where they are despe…

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