Sadly, we've today discovered that our first application for a bank account has been refused, without reason, and without appeal.
This is a frustrating setback given that we'd submitted everything asked of us, and our accounts are well documented and in good standing.
It means that there will now be more delays for us in our mission to secure mainstream funding while we seek other account vendors. A bank account in our organisation's name is a pre-requisite for funding applications.
So we're asking two things of you lovely people.
1- If you know of an independent bank that will help unincorporated associations, or a mainstream bank that you can recommend that you may already be working with as an unincorporated association, please let us know. We don't have a charity number, but we do have trustees and a constitution document.
2- If you can spare a little to help us on our way, we would be extremely grateful. Our secure crowd funder details are below.
We are disappointed, but not defeated.
Help us with one-off costs:
Help us with running costs (become a patron):
Make a donation of your choice:
Buy us a brew just because:
Thanks again from Neil, Tim, Ollie, Jack, Brett and Craig

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