Sponsor us!

We're keen to work with local businesses looking to support a credible non-profit as part of your Community Social Responsibility remits, or through sheer kindness. You'll be able to boast your support for an organisation that's so far helped hundreds of needy families and good causes.

All of our refurbished PC’s and laptops leave us for their new homes with a slideshow of desktop backgrounds which advances to the next image every 60 seconds, then restarts after all slides have displayed. Those backgrounds currently show a pretty picture and our own logo. We are looking to maximise on the value of this niche media, with sponsorship deals to advertisers. Your image will be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of eyes.

We can offer 3 levels of sponsorship:


Gold - £50 per month

A gold sponsorship will buy a full screen advertisement of your own composition and choice, as one full desktop background within a slideshow of 10 total, on every PC and laptop we refurbish while your payment is ongoing. You’ll be mentioned on this page too, but as we use a free website service we are limited on content and cannot insert your image here. We’ll also give you a huge plug on our social media on the day you sign up!


Silver - £30 per month

Silver sponsorship will buy a half screen advertisement and website entry and social media plug as above.


Bronze - £15 per month

Bronze sponsorship will buy a quarter screen advertisement and website entry and social media plug as above.


On all counts we’d offer to share our allocations spreadsheet with you, with redactions for recipients who ask for anonymity, so that you can visualise where your advertisement is being seen.

There’s no contracts, no small print, if you decide to end your sponsorship just cease your payment, we’ll choose a new picture to fill the gap, and move on amicably, while offering our sincere thanks for any contribution up to that point.

We will also point out that we don’t place any customisation limits on devices, so the end user is free to change the sequence or the images. In reality, we find that the graphics we’ve chosen are well received, and have remained on display in many cases after months of use. Of course, we would continue to install your advertisement on new refurbishments. Please keep in mind we try to keep the left side of the image uncluttered as program icons fill that space, making them difficult to see and your image obstructed.

You can see an example slideshow (sped up) on our YouTube channel by clicking here: Sample sponsor images (time lapse) - YouTube


To be involved, get in touch with your artwork and let us know how much you'll be pledging :)


Our current sponsors, who we thank and endorse, are (click to view their website):

Doc's Mobile Clinic

Rehome Repurpose At Tranquility

Mrs I.T. Fix It 

Cowshed Works Web

Midland VW