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Computer Corner Campaign!

Today we launched our new campaign to equip every waiting room, every public building, every community centre, every social hub, with a free, internet ready PC or laptop to create their own "Computer Corner", so that everyone who needs it has online access within reach. Even if that's as crude as a …

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Your kind donations!

We've today helped another school in the ST17 area, who respectfully preferred not to be named.

This has taken our total to 68 of your kind donations which have now been refurbished and are with their new owners who desperately needed them.

We're well on track, at the average rate of 11 a week…

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First Stafford... next the world!

We've been contacted by a local charity who are doing great work in mental health and wellbeing in our town, and wow do we need them right now.

They have 10 desktop PC's gathering dust in a corner because they don't have the latest version of Windows installed, and they were facing quotes running…

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As freeIT evolves, we're considering our long term aims:

1) To help not only schools, but other community groups, charities, forgotten corners of society, where money is being spent on their IT provisions which could be better used elsewhere in their missions, or where they simply don't have that…

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Baby steps!

We're pleased to now be registered as a start-up with "Support Staffordshire" which will offer us new avenues to training and support as we determine our structure moving forward :)

An extra boost!

We're happy to be able to add another school to our list of recipients who have agreed for us to publicise that they have benefitted from our project :)

Your kind donations are making this all possible!

St. Leonards (Dunston) - 7 devices

All Saints (Ranton) - 6 devices

Church Eaton - 7 …

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An update!

Your kind donations have allowed us now to distribute 50 devices to schools which needed them. We're not done yet.

So far we can boast:

St. Leonards, Dunston - 7 devices

All Saints, Ranton - 6 devices

Church Eaton primary - 7 devices

St. Peters, Hixon - 7 devices

This coming week we will be re…

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Number 50 is delivered!

With great pride we can announce that our 50th refurbished device has today landed with Church Eaton Primary, within a bunch of 7 laptops altogether :)

What a milestone to achieve in only 4 weeks!

Without your kind donations none of this would be possible so please keep up the good work so tha…

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A double-barrel good news update!

Two snippets of great news to share with you all!

First, another 5 laptops have now been deposited with a primary school in the ST17 postcode, making a total of 43 items to date which have gone to benefit families. If the school chooses to publicise this then we will follow suit :)
Second, we ca…

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Still churning them out!

Another 6 refurbished devices have found their way to a primary in the ST18 area today. As always, if the school chooses to publicise this then we'll follow their lead. That's a total of 38 devices made up of your kind donations which have gone to schools to benefit families struggling to home schoo…

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If you live in Eccleshall or the nearby areas you are welcome to drop your unused laptops, tablets and netbooks to Eccleshall Rugby Club.

They are currently providing specific devices to Graham Balfour High, but anything they can't use will be passed to us.

We can repurpose those for primaries…

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Happy days!

7 more devices have today made their way directly to a local primary school, making a total of 32 altogether now distributed to families struggling to get online for home learning, and in the space of only 3 weeks! I'll be buzzing for days after witnessing the staff's elation for myself, it makes ev…

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