Those fairies again!

Some more hefty thanks and tags necessary today!
Firstly to the team at Staffordshire UNISON for their very generous donation of laptops, which we've earmarked for Penkridge schools 🙂
And then especially to the very lovely and patient team at The Calibration Centre Ltd, who'd stored items for us for quite some time. Some fairies came along last night and worked their magic, and today we've rehomed some of the equipment they donated to us only yesterday. It's gone to the brilliant AEDdonate in Stone, for use in their charity shops and administration 🙂
This takes our total rehomed internet-ready devices to 726, and we're still not counting all the monitors, keyboards, webcams, speaker sets, and the other odds and ends that we've meticulously cleaned and tested to create full packages 🙂


Today we've delivered our number 700, a jazzy silver HP Intel i3 laptop, with charger and padded carry case 🙂
Your pledges allowed us to buy a replacement battery and rocket fast SSD drive for this laptop, which one of you lovely people had dropped to our donation point only a few days ago.
We've also graced it with the latest updated version of Windows 10, a full PAT test, and a whole heap of free starter software and kids' games.
It's now in the hands of a family who desperately needed it!

By the books!

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and one-off donors.
We've just wrapped up our second fiscal year, and in the aim of transparency, it turns out that our total income for the last 12 months was £4547, and our outgoings £4280. That leaves just enough to pay our secure storage this month, until our 3rd year sponsorships begin to arrive in the bank.
It might seem like a lot, our project is embryonic on the scale of things, but with expenses like our repair parts, specialised tools, account fees, packing materials, software licensing, test equipment calibration, and now our secure storage unit too, that's what it costs us to do what we do, at our current scale. We're spending every penny wisely and fully, and of course the key point is that we will always be non-profit.
It's both exciting and scary, because it means that if we can raise only an extra £500 this coming year through sponsorships and your kind one-off pledges to our PayPal, this time next year we'll meet the £5000 threshold required to register for a proper charity status.
We couldn't do any of this without you all 🙂

Back to schools!

Thanks to you lovely people, over the next few weeks we'll be delivering free equipment to even more schools 🙂
We've teamed up with the Special Educational Needs co-ordinator who manages equipment requirements in the ST19 area, and we've delivered a second stack of Windows 10 and 11 PC's and laptops today to Penkridge Middle School, with jazzy monitors and all their peripherals.
This partnership will also allow us to reach Princefield and Marshbrook at Penkridge, and St. John's at Bishopswood in the very near future 🙂
We couldn't do any of this without your kind donations of unwanted gadgets, and the cash we need to bring them up to date and make them safe and reliable for years to come 🙂

Sea What We Did There!

We visited Stafford Sea Cadets and updated their I.T. suite, originally equipped with a bunch of obsolete, disconnected Windows XP desktop PC's, which had become very cumbersome ornaments.
Now, they are fully upgraded with a mix of wi-fi ready Windows 10 and 11 PC's, and a whole heap of Windows 11 laptops 🙂
Huge thanks again to everyone who's donated equipment and funds to help us help so many great causes and bridge the digital divide 🙂

Dub be good to me!

We are pleased to welcome Jody and the team at Midland VW on board as our newest corporate sponsor!

Tea and tests!

We'll be at the next two repair cafe's with our PAT test gear to carry out free safety checks on your electrical gadgets :)

SATURDAY 4 MARCH = ST JOHN’S CHURCH, Westhead Avenue, Littleworth, Stafford, ST16 3RP 10.00 am til 1.00 pm

SATURDAY 15 APRIL = WILDWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE, Wildwood Gate, Stafford, ST17 4RA 10.00 am til 1.00 pm 

Happy holidays!

As we "wrap" up for the festivities, we just owe a massive round of thanks to everyone who we've worked with and who have supported us in our second year. Next April we will close our year 2 accounts and begin our year 3, and there's simply no way we could have made it this far without you all 🙂
We're roughly half way to proving the annual income we need to become a registered charity, and if we can raise a few more sponsorships then who knows, maybe we'll be applying for that in 2023 😉
Thank you everyone, and whatever your beliefs, we hope you enjoy the break 🙂

Our mission!

1 in 5 children home schooling during the pandemic did not have access to an appropriate device like a laptop.
26% of young people still do not have access to a laptop or similar device.
Together, we can tackle this.

An update!

We've rehomed:
-315 laptops, netbooks, macbooks
-217 desktops, iMacs, all-in-ones
-95 tablets, iPads
With your help 🙂

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