Blackout, don't back out!

Are you brave enough to go without internet for a whole day and experience digital poverty for yourself?
Join our 24 hour sponsored blackout on Sunday 1st October to raise funds and awareness for our project, and get your mates to bet you can't do it!
Sponsorship forms available now, see the promo on our YouTube channel:

It's the SimPal things!

We're delighted to be working with in fighting the digital divide, together providing equipment and connectivity where it's desperately needed.

Do you tube?

We're chuffed to bits to be supported by Dave Jones at who's donating the ad revenue from his latest upload.
Watch the video and you'll be helping us future-proof our project!
Or support us any time at

Creating revenue!

Do you know a YouTuber?

We're having to dream up some weird, wonderful, unconventional ideas for fund raising, to maintain our project.

We're currently looking to team up with creators who'd be willing to offer to donate us the ongoing ad revenue from just one of their uploads.


We've recently celebrated our 800! That's 800 internet-ready gadgets that have been saved from e-waste and given a new lease of life where they were desperately needed!

You can view a short promo here: Free laptops, PC's and tablets now given back to the community: 800 :D :D - YouTube

Thank you to everyone who's supported us along our journey so far, and to our monthly sponsors!

You can check out who our sponsors are here: Thank you to our sponsors! - YouTube


We have PATential!

Don't forget we are at Stafford Repair Cafés event this Saturday 15th, at Wildwood community centre.
We're offering free Portable Appliance Testing for the gadgets you've had repaired, or anything else you'd like us to check over for your own peace of mind.
We'll provide the PAT meter, the qualified operator, and the familiar green stickers 🙂

Banking on your support!

In talking to potential sponsors, it's been pointed out that although we promote our PayPal link relentlessly, it's more aimed at one-off payments from other PayPal accounts or one-time-purchase through cards, and is not really an accessible option to some businesses. That could be resulting in us missing out on other opportunities where a business may prefer an auditable standing order.
Point is duly noted, and we would like to use this prompted opportunity as a reminder that we also have a charitable main stream bank account with Unity Trust Bank. We welcome regular payments there too, please drop us a line if you are considering sponsoring us and that's swayed your decision 🙂

Waste not want not!

During the course of our work, inevitably we'll find there is equipment that's just too far gone. Up until now we've been dismantling those and cashing in our scrap metals, but we've recently discovered a less time consuming solution, which also will allow us to give a little back to other charities.
We're pleased to have teamed up with in Fenton, who take bulk scrap electricals, including all of our uneconomical repairs, and turn them into day jobs and employability skills opportunities for local disadvantaged people.

Those fairies again!

Some more hefty thanks and tags necessary today!
Firstly to the team at Staffordshire UNISON for their very generous donation of laptops, which we've earmarked for Penkridge schools 🙂
And then especially to the very lovely and patient team at The Calibration Centre Ltd, who'd stored items for us for quite some time. Some fairies came along last night and worked their magic, and today we've rehomed some of the equipment they donated to us only yesterday. It's gone to the brilliant AEDdonate in Stone, for use in their charity shops and administration 🙂
This takes our total rehomed internet-ready devices to 726, and we're still not counting all the monitors, keyboards, webcams, speaker sets, and the other odds and ends that we've meticulously cleaned and tested to create full packages 🙂

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