Sea What We Did There!

We visited Stafford Sea Cadets and updated their I.T. suite, originally equipped with a bunch of obsolete, disconnected Windows XP desktop PC's, which had become very cumbersome ornaments.
Now, they are fully upgraded with a mix of wi-fi ready Windows 10 and 11 PC's, and a whole heap of Windows 11 laptops 🙂
Huge thanks again to everyone who's donated equipment and funds to help us help so many great causes and bridge the digital divide 🙂

Dub be good to me!

We are pleased to welcome Jody and the team at Midland VW on board as our newest corporate sponsor!

Tea and tests!

We'll be at the next two repair cafe's with our PAT test gear to carry out free safety checks on your electrical gadgets :)

SATURDAY 4 MARCH = ST JOHN’S CHURCH, Westhead Avenue, Littleworth, Stafford, ST16 3RP 10.00 am til 1.00 pm

SATURDAY 15 APRIL = WILDWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE, Wildwood Gate, Stafford, ST17 4RA 10.00 am til 1.00 pm 

Happy holidays!

As we "wrap" up for the festivities, we just owe a massive round of thanks to everyone who we've worked with and who have supported us in our second year. Next April we will close our year 2 accounts and begin our year 3, and there's simply no way we could have made it this far without you all 🙂
We're roughly half way to proving the annual income we need to become a registered charity, and if we can raise a few more sponsorships then who knows, maybe we'll be applying for that in 2023 😉
Thank you everyone, and whatever your beliefs, we hope you enjoy the break 🙂

Our mission!

1 in 5 children home schooling during the pandemic did not have access to an appropriate device like a laptop.
26% of young people still do not have access to a laptop or similar device.
Together, we can tackle this.

An update!

We've rehomed:
-315 laptops, netbooks, macbooks
-217 desktops, iMacs, all-in-ones
-95 tablets, iPads
With your help 🙂


Another huge milestone is reached!
Today we handed over two more of your unwanted PC's which takes our total to 600 refurbished devices given back to the community where they are needed most, for free 🙂
We've rehomed:
- 303 laptops, netbooks, macbooks
- 209 desktop PCs, iMacs, all-in-ones
- 88 tablets, iPads
Thank you to our sponsors for keeping our cogs turning, and to you lovely people for donating your redundant equipment and sharing our good news!

Testing times!

We'll be at Repair Cafe on Saturday 5th November from 10am to 1pm with our PAT test kit.
Feel free to drop in with your small electricals for a free test!
Holmcroft Community Centre, Newland Avenue ST161NL

Our new home!

You may have noticed that we've changed address 🙂
All of us here at Free I.T. would like to endlessly thank Justine and Nigel and everyone at the Rehome Repurpose project, not only for offering us donation storage space and financial support, but also for now allowing us to use their premises as a mailing address, thus saving us £180 a year that we were spending on our "virtual office" at Dunston.
We've now confirmed our relocation with Google Maps so you'll be able to find our donation point easily (and leave us a Google review) by simply Googling us 🙂
Please visit the Rehome Repurpose project here:

A speedy result!

** Thank you all! **
Replacing old technology with new allows us to completely transform your aged gadgets, and one of the ways we do that is by replacing old fashioned mechanical hard disks with the latest microchip controlled SSD drives. Doing this can turn the oldest most sluggish laptop into a perfectly usable one with an insane difference in drive response and load times. It's a straight swap and a ten minute job, but those upgrades cost money, roughly £10 for each SSD drive we purchase.
Well, we have news 🙂
As a result of your PayPal contributions and our lovely regular sponsors, we're now able to replace the old hard drives for an SSD in EVERY SINGLE laptop that we rehome!
We'd love to extend this to desktop systems too, but we can't do that without your help.
If you'd like to sponsor an SSD feel free to send your £10 bungs to

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