An update!

We've delivered a further 4 devices to a primary school today, so for an update, freeIT can now boast 104 refurbished internet ready devices placed in 10 primary schools in our area to help home schooling families during self-isolation (or to gift to families permanently, or use in school), since we took our first donation on 12th January.
This is made up of:
-77 laptops / netbooks / macbooks
-7 desktops / all-in-ones
-20 tablets / ipads
Which are now in use (some respectfully wished to remain anonymous) at:
-St. Leonards (Dunston) - 13 devices
-All Saints (Ranton) - 11 devices
-Church Eaton CE- 14 devices
-St. Peters (Hixon) - 10 devices
-Burton Manor - 14 devices
-Doxey Primary - 9 devices
-Tillington Manor - 13 devices
-Anon 1 ST17 - 8 devices
-Anon 2 ST17 - 5 devices
-Anon 3 ST17 - 7 devices
These are all devices donated by you lovely people and refurbished by our team of tech guys for free

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