We're "testing" out an idea to raise funds. We're about half way to meeting the financial requirements which would allow us to become a registered charity, and we're keen to accelerate that.

We have our own Portable Appliance Testing meter with a current valid calibration certificate, primarily to keep ourselves and our end users safe, but in between the times we need it, it lays dormant.

We're trialling an offer of PAT appliance checks to the public and businesses, and we ask a donation of £3 per item to Free I.T. via PayPal or bank transfer, with a minimum charge of £10 for 3 items or less, and a maximum of 10 items, per visit. Of course, you are welcome to donate more.

We're still volunteers with day jobs and other commitments so we ask your understanding if we can't help in a particular case or if we can't meet your PAT expiry deadline.

Please bear in mind that these tests only apply to items which are deemed "portable" through the fact they have a standard 3-pin UK mains plug fitted. We can't test domestic fixed wiring items such as ceiling fans or high wattage ovens.

Our test equipment itself is portable so in most cases we'll come to you, but we may ask on occasion to have you meet us with your appliance(s) at the Community Recycling Hub, Castlefields, ST161BQ, or at Elevate Community Centre, Highfields, ST179TX.

We'll provide a qualified operator, full written certification, and the familiar green stickers.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more