Two centres of attention!

Another productive day for our tech guys yesterday. Neil and Jack spent the day at two sites working on ongoing projects. Our time lapse camera let us down a bit so here's what happened...
- Continued installing cabling at Holmcroft YCC. We now have 3 brand new internet ports and a beefy wi-fi extender fitted and working in the building. We traced and reconnected another 3 existing network points in the cafe and tidied up all the wiring running in to the shop area. We also completed an extra run of cable into the games room to feed another wi-fi booster and wall point, and finally we returned a laptop for visitors which we'd fully refurbished and PAT tested over the last week.
- Installed new cabling at Spark Childrens' Centre, to feed a wi-fi extender in their kitchen area which will now allow staff and parents to use the internet at the furthest point of their garden. We also upgraded one of their PC's to a twin monitor arrangement to better suit their needs and allow them to use a projector to play presentations and cartoons.
We do all this for free for the benefit of the community, to reduce e-waste and fill the digital divide. If you can help us along with some of the costs for the bits and bobs we use on these projects we'd really appreciate it 🙂
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