By the books!

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and one-off donors.
We've just wrapped up our second fiscal year, and in the aim of transparency, it turns out that our total income for the last 12 months was £4547, and our outgoings £4280. That leaves just enough to pay our secure storage this month, until our 3rd year sponsorships begin to arrive in the bank.
It might seem like a lot, our project is embryonic on the scale of things, but with expenses like our repair parts, specialised tools, account fees, packing materials, software licensing, test equipment calibration, and now our secure storage unit too, that's what it costs us to do what we do, at our current scale. We're spending every penny wisely and fully, and of course the key point is that we will always be non-profit.
It's both exciting and scary, because it means that if we can raise only an extra £500 this coming year through sponsorships and your kind one-off pledges to our PayPal, this time next year we'll meet the £5000 threshold required to register for a proper charity status.
We couldn't do any of this without you all 🙂

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