Mission continues!

Our news feed hasn't been too active the last few days, but it's been all go for us behind the scenes, and we bring you a couple of updates...
We're in the closing stages of our joint venture with a local mental wellbeing charity. In between refurbishing donations from the public, we've been busy fixing up 20 of their own surplus machines on a "rinse and return" basis. Once the project is complete, all of those can be gifted to their own clients who are isolated, but who are set to benefit from the equipment in order for them to access online wellbeing clinics and remote counselling and support sessions. We'll tell you all about it once we're done!
Our constitution document, or if you prefer, "mission statement" is now prepared, as is our GDPR policy. These documents have been signed by our 3 newly appointed trustees, and will be submitted to a bank next week. This will allow us to open an account in the name of freeIT, and in turn, will satisfy one of the pre-requisites we need in order to apply for long term funding. We're starting out for our first year as an "Unincorporated Association", then we'll decide next March which recognised legal status will suit us best.
We're also in negotiation with a local business centre who provide a novel service called a "virtual office". Primarily this will allow us to remove some of the administration work from our various kitchens and dining rooms and have a central point for phonecalls and mail and parts deliveries, plus some pay-as-you-go conference facilities for what we envisage will be several upcoming meetings with funders and other organisations, in order to progress freeIT to the next level.
Finally, we're still (and always) accepting your equipment donations, which will be refurbished and gifted back to the community. We have a small stock accumulating and while we face the inevitable delays of bank accounts and administrative paperwork in the next few weeks we've every intention of continuing with this core mission and keeping you lovely people updated as we go
Your support has been overwhelming and is incredibly motivating!

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