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* Secure erasing *
A common question we're asked is if, and how, we'll make sure any existing data is erased from your donation. And yes, we do, so please make sure you've taken a back up of your important stuff before you donate, because once it's gone, it's really gone!
As for the how, well this varies from device to device.
- For tablet PC's and iPads, we use the manufacturer's recommended specific process. If this fails for any reason, or the device is account locked, we'll use it only for spare parts, and the internal memory chip is physically destroyed through a myriad of inventive methods with heavy implements.
- For laptops and PC's the process is a little more comprehensive., We use dedicated software tools which meet the government standard "HMG Infosec 5". The software fills the hard drive with jargon 3 times over to ensure all previous data is unrecoverable. It takes all day but it's the most recognised way of data destruction in this industry. Again if this fails for any reason we'll resort to physical destruction, but we'd sooner try to re-use as much as we can.
- And let's not forget the numerous documents and notes we find hiding in laptop bags you've donated, and CD's left in drives, and postage stickers left on second hand packing boxes. For those we use a combination of a cross-cut shredder and, let's call it "thermal" methods.
For all of these we can produce erase certificates to satisfy any GDPR audit trailing you may require as a business donor.

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