Backup DVD's

Morning all :)

I'd previously offered to provide a DVD with a backup of documents and photo's from donated devices before either myself or the other tech guys started work on them.

Sadly I have to withdraw that offer, for a few reasons but two mainly.

Firstly because it is a time consuming process and my focus really ought to be on other repairs, as there is quite a backlog of partly working devices.

Secondly, and relatively, some of your kind donations are arriving with thousands of photo and video files, equating to several DVD's. In the case I'm currently working on, this will accumulate 24 DVD's, taking roughly 10 minutes each to create, and this regrettably isn't sustainable, either from a cost or time perspective.

Please ensure that if you wish to donate you have taken your own comprehensive backup, or retain the hard drive if it's easily accessible.

Those donations which are awaiting backup which I can't facilitate, I'll be in touch with the respective owners in the next couple of days to arrange to return your devices or hard drives, the contents of which can be extracted easily yourselves with a cheap USB adapter and a bit of time. We'll gladly accept the donation again once you are happy your documents are safe.

Regards, Neil 

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