Answering prayers!

As part of our plan for our future, we're not only aiming to help out with refurbished kit, we're also planning some bigger and longer term projects delivering the connectivity behind it all (for free!).
We can tell you about a project we are currently working on which we've not said too much about, but which may forge our chances of achieving ongoing funding.
This is taking place at Holmcroft Youth & Community Centre and yesterday Jack and Neil spent a long day on site making headway.
Not only are we refurbishing every single PC and laptop that they own, and providing a few extra, we're also modernising their entire I.T. infrastructure to give their clients and visitors the best experience.
Here's what we're doing:
- 2TB on-site quad core file server/network storage
- 16 port switch to give us capacity to add.........
- 5 extra wired network points around the building
- 3 extra Wi-Fi access points
- Removing all the components that are "hanging off the side" and creating a proper network plan and wiring diagrams
This is a full overhaul of their entire network and digital storage solutions, and we'll finish up by liaising with their internet provider and carefully checking all of the security settings and options to keep visitors safe while they browse the internet.
Centre manager Dave has described us as a "prayer that's been answered", and we estimate that by simply using these parts which you lovely people have donated (we don't just take PC's and laptops, we accept network bits too) and the skills of our tech guys for free, we will ultimately save the charity around £10,000 which they would have had to find.
Yesterday was a bit of a rush, we'd a lot to do before the centre opens to groups next week, but we'll be working on this for a few weeks, and will be back there again very soon and get some photos of the work we've done to show you all 🙂
We couldn't do any of this without your kind donations of equipment, but as we don't yet have firm grant funding, we also really depend on your financial help for the daily consumable bits and bobs that we use 🙂

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