10 days in!

Only ten days in and your support has been amazing and the interest in this project somewhat explosive!

We teamed up with Gnosall Parish Council, who are co-ordinating the distribution, while us tech guys have all got our hands full churning out refurbished donations as fast as we can. We've already roped in our first recipient school and the demand they have shown has been an awakening!

We accumulated 3 donation points and we're in talks to add more. Those are still filling up at the same rate we can empty them :)

Our first batch of 10 devices, made up of a mix of laptops, netbooks, and tablet PC's, has already made its way to the distribution team at Gnosall, and those will be undergoing electrical testing before we can release them to the school. We'll publicise the school name and maybe grab some socially distanced photos once that happens, but that will be soon :)

The donation points are filling up rapidly so this week we'll be out collecting those devices and some others which are coming from residents as far as Stone! As donation points are added those will appear on the Contact page of the website, and other platforms. Once those have been quarantined for 72 hours we'll begin assessing them and all salvageable devices will enter the refurbishment process, we'll update when the next batch is ready and let you all know where your kind donations are going :)

Please consider us before you throw anything out, we like to supply all original accessories so if you have chargers, SD cards, earphones, wireless peripherals, padded carry bags, anything like that which we can offer to make up a complete package or as rudimentary upgrades, please let us know or simply drop them into one of the donation points.

Thanks again for all the support, we're busy bees behind the scenes and it's been an overwhelming response for all of us involved here at freeIT 


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