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A new hope!

A pleasure to meet the team at Elim Hope Church today, to deliver and set up 10 desktop systems for use in their offices and community rooms.
These are all items donated by you lovely people and fixed up by our tech guys for free. Now they can start their new lives where they are desperately need…

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Wrapping up for the year!

Thanks all for your patience over the last week while we dealt with some hurdles, we're back to normality now.
We've a couple more visits to make this week but we are slowly 'wrapping up' for the year.
We thought you might like to know that between 16th January, and today, and with your kind h…

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Keeping you in the loop!

Not every interaction we have is caught on camera or added to this blog, whether that's because of safeguarding concerns, or camera shyness, or the fact that we plain forget.
However we can tell you that in the last few weeks we have provided free equipment to several more deprive…

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Onward bound!

Our updates may have been slacking just lately, but we are definitely hard at it behind the scenes :)
We're still working on our big project with Holmcroft YCC, to give them all the connectivity and I.T. resources they could ever need, and additionally we're refurbishing their digital CCTV system (b…

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You helped us to help more families!

Pleasure meeting the lovely team at Snap Cannock today, to drop in some goodies to allow them to offer extra online services to their kids and parents 🙂

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Leave us a review!

After a bit of a faff, being "reviewed by Google" SEVERAL times, and having to do things the old fashioned way by sending letters, we finally secured our own Google business page. We'll now have a dedicated panel pop up on a Google search, and appear on Google maps.
More to the point…

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Another huge milestone!

We smashed another milestone 🙂 🙂
We totted up all the devices we've refurbished and rehomed this week, and completely blew away our end of year target. We'll have to rethink that, but can we, can we really make it 365 by the end of the year, one for every single day?
It's your kind donations of …

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Another good turn!

A massive thank you to the lovely staff and I.T. people at Berkswich C of E Primary School, for your large donation of surplus PC's and monitors from your computer suite!
They have all been blessed with the touch of our tech wizards, wiped clean of all the old documents, given a good internal dus…

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Help us help others!

Will you help us buy some parts?
We've a few laptops needing replacement keyboards and batteries, and not very much cash left. With a rough average cost of each of those items being £20, if we can ask 10 of you to donate just £2 each we'll provide the repair skills for free and place another devi…

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Tidying up loose ends!

We finally remembered to set up the camera!
It's thanks to your kind donations of equipment and cash that we've now been able to install all of the network points and wi-fi coverage that Holmcroft YCC could ever need.
You paid for all of the…

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A family in need, we can help indeed!

We've been honoured today to meet with Deb from the Chase Lighthouse project, who's co-ordinated with a desperate family and given us the opportunity to take some of the load away from their shoulders when their only internet device got broken. We've donated a jazzy laptop to the family to allow the…

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8 months in!

Your kind donations of unwanted equipment and help with our running costs and parts costs (and coffee) have allowed us to repurpose 263 laptops, tablets, and desktop PC's back in to the community where they are needed most, in only 8 months! And that's still not counting the number of peripherals in…

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Two centres of attention!

Another productive day for our tech guys yesterday. Neil and Jack spent the day at two sites working on ongoing projects. Our time lapse camera let us down a bit so here's what happened...
- Continued installing cabling at Holmcroft YCC. We now have 3 brand new internet ports and a beefy wi-fi …

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A flying start!

Our Jack met with Tom from Rugeley 1871 Air Cadets today, at our donation point in Highfields, to hand over a few items to get their group off to a flying (pun) start running their new cadet registration system

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Capitalising at Capula!

Huge thank you to Capula at Stone, who donated us a stack of their surplus equipment 🙂
We're keen to work with local businesses who are upgrading their I.T. provisions and who are looking for a good cause (us) to reuse their unwanted devices!
Find the write-up here:…

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Answering prayers!

As part of our plan for our future, we're not only aiming to help out with refurbished kit, we're also planning some bigger and longer term projects delivering the connectivity behind it all (for free!).
We can tell you about a project we are currently working on which we've not said too mu…

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A huge step!

There is much much excitement at Free IT headquarters today !!
Not only have we just delivered our 250th device, we've also today been informed that after jumping through several hoops, producing in-depth projections out of thin air, and after an excruciating wait, we have FINALLY been accepted f…

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Our products on parade!

We've installed an Intel i5 tower system at the 12th Mohawk scout group in Berkswich. Donated by one of you lovely people and fitted with some new parts to bring it up to date, it now takes pride of place in their group hut!

Double duties!

We popped in to Staffordshire Baby Bank today, to drop off an all-in-one desktop PC, which was donated by one of you lovely people, fixed up for free by our team of tech guys, and which will now start its new life propelling their team along with their administration work. We've also dropped a snazz…

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Homing in on the digital divide!

It's been great to meet again with the employment coach team from Wolverhampton Homes. We've been able to offer some more equipment to get their isolated tenants online! We met with Pippa from the team, who said "Thanks again guys both laptops are going to Wolverhampton Homes tenants and they'll be …

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