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We're Still Here!

Even when our news feed isn't very active, you can bet we are all busy bunnies behind the scenes. Quite often our recipients ask us not to publicise their details, which is perfectly fine, but we can still add those to our list of totals to update you all.
Today we visited a primary school …

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Homing in on those in need!

We've joined forces with the employment coach team from Wolverhampton Homes, to gift a laptop which they can pass on to one of their isolated clients who desperately needs it.
This was donated by one of you lovely people, fixed up by our team of tech guys for free, and now it will start its new l…

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Another huge milestone!

We did it!
Thanks to your kind donations of unwanted IT equipment, and your generous financial help towards our parts and running costs, not to mention the amazing work done by our team of volunteer technicians, we've now been able to give 200 internet ready devices back into the community where …

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Closing the divide!

With the addition today of another of our local primary schools, Free IT can now boast 113 internet ready devices placed across 11 schools, and making a total of 187 devices altogether which we've gifted where they are needed most in society.

These are all items donated by you lovely people and…

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Back at The Den, we did it again!

Yesterday we installed another 2 of your donated desktop PC's at The Den 101 in Rugeley. They can now be put to use with the 18 others we've provided in their youth centre computer room where local kids will be able to get online for free for schooling and recreation :)

Clicking Start!

Today we joined forces with the Citizens' Advice "Click Start" digital money management service.
Our Jack handed over one of your donated laptops to Theresa and Josh from Click Start, which can now be passed on to a family who CAB are supporting with their online interests and job seeking.
Thank y…

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Rehousing your kit!

We've teamed up with House of Bread Stafford in a two pronged stand against digital poverty.
We've taken away some of their surplus equipment to refurbish and return for free, but we've also provided additional complimentary laptops for their clients to use while visiting, and to help towards the…

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We're looking forward to seeing all you lovely people at Stafford Walking Street Market next week!

Watch out for our table and our flyers!

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Another computer corner!

We're in talks to arrange our second "Computer Corner" venue, and we'd love to speak to businesses who will help us out with parts costs specifically for this installation.
We'll add your details to the "wallpaper" and your company logo will be the first thing people see when they turn on the dev…

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Another 5!

That's another 5 of your unwanted desktop PC's and all their related bits and bobs installed at The Den 101. Thanks to your kind donations we've now equipped their computer room with 16 internet ready machines for free, and there are still desks to fill and cables to tidy!
Thank you all for allow…

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Becoming Creators!

We have a YouTube!
Give us a sub and watch this space!

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Sadly, we've today discovered that our first application for a bank account has been refused, without reason, and without appeal.
This is a frustrating setback given that we'd submitted everything asked of us, and our accounts are well documented and in good standing.
It means that there will …

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Huge thanks in order!

All of us here at freeIT would like to pass our warmest thanks to The Barbers Shop Stafford for their incredible financial contribution to our running costs, this will make a huge difference and allow us to help several more families which we'd have struggled to do so otherwise.
We are very grate…

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Latest news!

Today we've installed another 4 desktop PC's at The Den101 in Rugeley.
These have joined the other 7 that we've already placed in their internet cafe / homework space.
Thanks again to Midland VW for sponsoring our parts costs for this installation, and to you lovely people for donating these u…

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We're expanding!

We are receiving requests for help, and offers of donated kit, from as far as London (and that's not an exaggeration!).
We obviously can't honour that, but we do want to try and expand a little into the surrounding towns, as we are receiving several offers of equipment from just outside Stafford.

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An update!

We've delivered a further 4 devices to a primary school today, so for an update, freeIT can now boast 104 refurbished internet ready devices placed in 10 primary schools in our area to help home schooling families during self-isolation (or to gift to families permanently, or use in school), since we…

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Taking action again!

We pledged to step up wherever we can help, and today we've again met that promise.
We've teamed up with Flood Action, who are supporting families who have lost everything after a disaster.
We've agreed to help them provide those needy families with the I.T. tools they need to start rebuilding…

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Double whammy!

A double whammy achievement today, Craig and Neil have been out and about delivering a stack more equipment.
First, to , to drop off items to help out two more families in desperate need.
Then, off to to install four more internet cafe PC's (including refurb numb…

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150 in 3 months!

Yesterday our project turned 3 months old, and we are super happy to announce that we have completed refurbishment number 150!
It won't be delivered until tomorrow, but we're still calling that a massive WIN.

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A box of goodies!

We've been working very closely with Hearts & Hands recently, and with your donations to us, and in turn, our donations to them, we've been able to help out several families who were craving even basic internet access.
We've delivered a box of internet ready goodies to H&H headquarters today whic…

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