We're Still Here!

Even when our news feed isn't very active, you can bet we are all busy bunnies behind the scenes. Quite often our recipients ask us not to publicise their details, which is perfectly fine, but we can still add those to our list of totals to update you all.
Today we visited a primary school in the ST17 area and gave away 6 tablet PC's which were donated by you lovely people.
This brings our numbers (in schools alone) to a total of 128 as follows:
-89 laptops / netbooks / macbooks
-7 desktops / all-in-ones
-32 tablets / ipads
Which are now in use (some respectfully wished to remain anonymous) at:
-St. Austins - 7 devices
-Greenhall Special School - 2 devices
-Berkswich CofE (Walton) - 9 devices
-St. Leonards (Dunston) - 13 devices
-All Saints (Ranton) - 11 devices
-Church Eaton CE- 14 devices
-St. Peters (Hixon) - 10 devices
-Burton Manor - 14 devices
-Doxey Primary - 9 devices
-Tillington Manor - 13 devices
-Anon 1 ST17 - 14 devices
-Anon 2 ST17 - 5 devices
-Anon 3 ST17 - 7 devices

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