Happy days!

7 more devices have today made their way directly to a local primary school, making a total of 32 altogether now distributed to families struggling to get online for home learning, and in the space of only 3 weeks! I'll be buzzing for days after witnessing the staff's elation for myself, it makes every minute of staring at a screen totally worthwhile :)

Your donations continue to be amazing, there are many items still awaiting refurbishment and the drop-off points are filling up super quick, thanks all so much.

Please keep the donations coming, and even once the schools have returned let's never allow ourselves to see a needy family struggling or unprepared, when there is so much equipment simply being thrown in the tip.

Massive thanks also to Dan, Jack and Ollie, who are the other 3 techs working on this project behind the scenes and around their day jobs :)

Unfortunately it's tricky to publicise the names of recipient schools, ultimately we can't help everyone, so we'd prefer the schools have chance for their own discussions over allocation as opposed to being suddenly presented with several requests for help from their pupils' parents :)

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