Computer Corner Campaign!

Today we launched our new campaign to equip every waiting room, every public building, every community centre, every social hub, with a free, internet ready PC or laptop to create their own "Computer Corner", so that everyone who needs it has online access within reach. Even if that's as crude as a laptop kept in a drawer, as long as there is free public access to it, we'll be happy.

Up until the 1st March we will still be solely supplying schools, then we'll evolve with the situation and shift into our new missions. Any equipment donations received after that will help not only schools but also those other corners of society we'd like to equip, including venues for this campaign.

Please keep your donations of used laptops coming our way, we'll keep refurbishing and churning them out to places where they are needed, and if you like what we are doing and can nudge us on our way please visit our crowdfunders at to help with running costs, and at to help with one-off costs for parts or equipment.



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