Closing the divide!

With the addition today of another of our local primary schools, Free IT can now boast 113 internet ready devices placed across 11 schools, and making a total of 187 devices altogether which we've gifted where they are needed most in society.

These are all items donated by you lovely people and refurbished by our team of tech guys for free, using parts paid for by your very generous cash donations, and will now find their new lease of life tacking the digital divide.
Some will be used in the schools themselves, others may be given to deprived families known to the schools.
This is made up of:
-85 laptops / netbooks / macbooks
-7 desktops / all-in-ones
-21 tablets / ipads
Which are now in use (some respectfully wished to remain anonymous) at:
-Berkswich CofE (Walton) - 9 devices
-St. Leonards (Dunston) - 13 devices
-All Saints (Ranton) - 11 devices
-Church Eaton CE- 14 devices
-St. Peters (Hixon) - 10 devices
-Burton Manor - 14 devices
-Doxey Primary - 9 devices
-Tillington Manor - 13 devices
-Anon 1 ST17 - 8 devices
-Anon 2 ST17 - 5 devices
-Anon 3 ST17 - 7 devices
And we're not stopping now!

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